Milt Connors

Adjunct Faculty, Part-time Education Specialist
BA University at Albany // MFA University at Albany


Milt Connors was born and raised in upstate New York where he enjoyed an uneventful childhood. He received his BA and MFA in Studio Art from the University at Albany. His work is informed by modernist quotations, Dada/Surrealist tropes, collage, montage, cinema/theater, metaphor, incidental humor and exploits the inherent ambiguities in art and life. He cites the Pictures Generation artists and theories of deconstruction as important early influences, also finds inspiration and purpose in the writings of Kafka, Breton, Tristan Tzara, the films of Godard, Fassbinder, and the transcendental art of Yves Klein among others.

The idea of revealing new, undefined states of mind, or emotions to our consciousness and to experience within an open-ended meditative state of reverie, or contemplation is a central concept, while focusing attention on the everyday, domestic and/or uneventful, casting a new light on the empty, often nonsensical facets of contemporary life. In essence, making something happen from the nothing that we all experience in some way, each day and within a lifetime.

His work has been included in national and international solo/group exhibitions juried or curated by Bruce Davidson, Kristen Gaylord, Ken Johnson, Claudia Del Monte, Christiane Paul, John Szarkowski. He lives and maintains a studio in upstate New York.

Artist Statement

My work in this show was created in reaction to a particular and critical, shared period in time. I thought it important to create a piece that references the historical challenges and changes right now at this moment. I wanted a positive message... which, I think we need right now.

The Latin phrase references and promotes the noble yet unfulfilled ideal of “et libertatem omnibus” (...and liberty for all).

The symbolism of butterflies references the metamorphosis or transformation to an enlightened and spiritual state of being necessary for social change.

As for the self-isolating, social distancing, virtual reality epoch? It’s a dystopian topic I’d rather not think about right now.


Upon a shared earth: aequalitatem et libertatem omnibus by Milt Connors

"Upon a shared earth: aequalitatem et libertatem omnibus"

Digital C-Print