Home Alone: Fine Arts and Digital Media
Faculty Exhibit

Well, we’ve done it again.

Turning lemons into lemonade seems to be what we have been doing best around here in the Fine Arts, Theatre Arts, and Digital Media Department since the pandemic shook all of our notions about teaching, learning, and certainly about how art can be exhibited.

As well as learning new techniques to teach art remotely, our faculty have been busy making creative and thoughtful pieces of art as a way to share their interpretations of modern life. Indeed, commenting on culture is one of the functions of art, and in this moment, we badly need that to make sense out of our new normal. To be sure, the pandemic has given our artists fodder for their craft.

And so, I am pleased to announce the opening of Home Alone 1, our biennial show of faculty-produced artwork, much of it a response to our current pandemic.

Please enjoy the show and tell your friends about our free online exhibits, as we hope to have the Teaching Gallery open as soon as safely possible for you to enjoy future shows in person. Until then, take your time, let the artwork speak to you and the universality of our current, shared cultural experience.

I would like to thank several people who worked behind the scenes making a fully-online exhibit possible including web developers Halea Dickinson and Stephen Kevlin, and our community relations support, Debby Gardner. Of course, a special thank you to Teaching Gallery Director Tara Fracalossi for organizing and curating the show, and a big thank you to all of our faculty who contributed to this special web exhibit.

Stay tuned for our next online show in November, Home Alone 2, featuring Fine Arts and Digital Media alumni.

On behalf of the Fine Arts, Theatre Arts, and Digital Media Department, thank you for your support of our students, Hudson Valley Community College’s Fine Arts and Digital Media programs, and the arts. Enjoy the show!

Scott M. Hathaway
Department Chairperson

Home Alone (mostly)

A meme circulating during the shutdown months of spring 2020 featured two cartoon images of an artist quietly working at an easel. The first image was captioned “Artist before quarantine” and the second, identical image was captioned “Artist during quarantine.” Nothing changed.

When Hudson Valley Community College decided in mid March to pivot to all remote classes following spring break, I felt certain -- after scrambling to prepare to Zoom all of our remaining classes and gathering months’ worth of groceries -- that our extraordinary Fine Arts and Digital Media faculty were doing what the artist pictured in that meme was: working in their studios.

Artists make art. It is how we process the world and our relationship to it. (And is one of the lessons we continually strive to impart to our students.) In the past six months with so much to process, making art has been critical for many of us. This year’s online version of our biennial Faculty Exhibit showcases the dedication to craft, idea and exploration that our committed and resilient faculty bring to their own studio practices, as well as to every class they teach at Hudson Valley whether in person or remote through headsets and streaming video.

I am honored and proud to be a part of this faculty and to call these artists my colleagues. We miss our students and teaching studios, and sincerely hope to be back on campus for classes and exhibits as soon as possible. Until then, please join me in celebrating this wealth of work from faculty artists teaching and making art across disciplines.

Special thanks to all who have made this exhibit possible, including the exhibiting artists, Halea Dickinson and Stephen Kevlin from Information Technology Services for building the exhibit website, Deborah Gardner in the Communications office for help with editing and promotion, and Scott Hathaway, chair of the Department of Fine Arts, Theatre Arts and Digital Media, for his steadfast leadership and support.

Tara Fracalossi
Director, The Teaching Gallery

Baker Artwork

Justin Baker

Clow Artwork

Ryan Chase Clow

Connors Artwork

Milt Connors

Fracalossi Artwork

Tara Fracalossi

Garrigue Artwork

Kyra Garrigue

Garrison Artwork

Richard Garrison

Jaeger Artwork

William Jaeger

Lail Artwork

Thomas Lail

LaVallee Artwork

Madison LaVallee

Nerney Artwork

Tim Nerney of ENG7INE DESIGN

O'Malley Artwork

Jean O'Malley

Parr Artwork

Ryan Parr

Roberts Artwork

G.G. Roberts

Ryder Artwork

Linda K. Ryder

Staveren Artwork

Jason Kates Van Staveren