Ryan Parr

Adjunct Faculty
BA University of Iowa // MFA University at Albany


Ryan T. Parr earned his MFA in Painting and Drawing from the University at Albany. While completing graduate study at the University, Ryan was awarded a Graduate Teacher Assistantship. As an undergraduate, Ryan also studied traditional hand drawn animation while attending CalArts. Parr is an adjunct professor of Drawing and Photography at Hudson Valley Community College. He lives and works in Albany.

Artist Statement

Puzzles have been the subject of my most recent oil paintings. Drawings and photographs are developed into elaborate compositions, then methodically painted. In my creative process, I aspire to have each painting materialize in a different way. To me, the surface of the painting is both a window into a world and a flat plane. I’m constantly inspired by how the marks, brushstrokes, and layers of paint gradually organize the process of making an image, suggesting possibilities at each stage. This procedure is then combined with memory, humor, pop culture and art history to create my visual narrative.


Coast, 2019 by Ryan Parr

Coast, 2019

Oil on canvas

Stoned Wall, 2019 by Ryan Parr

Stoned Wall, 2019

Oil on canvas
39"x59 1/2"

Green Wall, 2019 by Ryan Parr

Green Wall, 2019

Oil on canvas

Orange Blob on Flag, 2019 by Ryan Parr

Orange Blob on Flag, 2019

Oil on canvas

Structural Deficit, 2019 by Ryan Parr

Structural Deficit, 2019

Oil on canvas